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Services Offered

Services Offered

Client and counsel rely on our expertise during all phases of litigation, from pre-litigation analysis and discovery through testimony at trial. We have the ability to transform complex information into concise, logical models which can be clearly communicated to our clients and the judiciary. Our experience in presenting this information is what sets us apart.

From our participation in hundreds of assignments, we understand the litigation process and know what it takes to prepare for trial. Our managing director, Alex Fernandez, has extensive experience as a testifying expert in both Federal and State courts, as well as before arbitration panels. He has also testified on numerous occasions as an expert in the Federal courts of several foreign countries.

AFC Group has served clients throughout the U.S. and several other regions, including Latin America. We pride ourselves on having worked with many of the nation’s most respected law firms and top litigators.

Our role depends on the particular needs of each litigation engagement and may include:

  • Pre-Litigation Risk Assessment… Evaluating the economic risks and benefits associated with undertaking litigation or alternative means of dispute resolution.
  • Discovery… Assisting counsel in preparing interrogatories, document requests, and deposition questions in financially-related areas.
  • Damage Analysis… Developing computer models to quantify claims for economic loss and perform sensitivity analyses of key variables.
  • Expert Testimony… Testifying in the areas of accounting, finance, marketing, economics, statistics, and valuation.
  • Trial Support… Preparing computer-generated graphics and assisting with cross-examination of opposing witnesses.
  • Specialized Experts… Assisting counsel with identifying and screening industry experts.

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